Simulate 2 Educate provides a number of services tailored to the specific needs of the following groups.

Protecting and Valuing ethical approach to supporting a digital life (Values Based Education)

Available to Primary, Intermediate and College age students.
This education provides students with knowledge that protects them today and helps them act with thought for their own futures, safeguarding their opportunities to find suitable employment along with protecting their reputations.

Youth Workshops (Values Based Education)

This module is designed specifically for older students. Students learn about the impact of inappropriate communication across digital networks and learn how to communicate appropriately and positively in these mediums. Students become aware of their actions towards others when using digital environments positively or negatively.


Group Workshops (Values Based Education)

These workshops are provided to minimise the need for "One-on-one workshops".


One-on-one sessions

These help minors learn to understand the dangers of the inappropriate use of digital communication technology. This may include follow-up visits to monitor progress. In some cases the focus is on helping an individual to remove themselves from inappropriate relationships or situations which have been enabled by the use of DCTs.

Family education

This involves educating the whole family and focuses attention on the responsibility family members have for helping to keep each other safe as well as themselves. Typically these workshops are required when one or more members have exposed the whole family to elements of risk.


Parent workshops

These workshops raise awareness to the dangers associated with the inappropriate use of Digital Communication Technology (DCT’s). Solutions to reduce risk are discussed and debated with the parents.

Professional development for teachers

These workshops raise awareness for teachers to the dangers associated with the inappropriate use of Digital Communication Technology within schools. Solutions to reduce risk, including to themselves, the students, and the school are discussed and debated with the teachers.


Managing Identity, Corporate/Business and Employee

Social Media – Email – Blogging – Digital Communication Technologies

The most important asset a business develops is its identity both off-line and on-line. Protecting and developing this identity requires ongoing education for all employees. Every employee, director and CEO needs to understand how to look for, identify and reduce risk when they engage any form of digital communication technology both professionally and privately.

CITIZEN21 Internet health and safety education for senior citizens

These workshops help the attendee develop both the understandings and the skills required to use the Internet appropriately in order to reduce the chances for harm to them and their family and to protect hard-won financial and real world assets.

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