Protecting Corporate/Business and Employee Identity

A 2.5 hour cyber security workshop that focuses attention and provides solutions

Social Media – Email – Blogging – Digital Communication Technologies

The most important asset a business develops is its identity both off-line and on-line. Protecting and developing this identity requires ongoing education for all employees. We need to raise awareness and to develop standards that become part of the organisational culture of the business.

Every employee, director and CEO needs to understand how to look for, identify and reduce risk when they utilise any form of digital communication technology professionally and privately. Before any change can occur, however, we must first prove the case. Demonstrating how things go wrong is themost effective way to change behavior and reduce risk. Simply telling someone not do something without explanation will always fall short.

Prove the case > Educate the employee > Build the policy > Reduce the risk

This 2.5 hour workshop looks at how business reputations are damaged and how to prepare organisations for a digital world.

Topics covered include:

  • Exploring the meaning of identity
  • Staff training: Forward-facing services
  • Social engineering
  • Identity theft
  • Real world theft
  • Employee: Digital responsibility
  • The new graduate: Fully loaded and raring to go
  • Penetration testing

Presented by John Parsons, Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant

If you are interested in a workshop for your organisation contact

John Parsons
Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant
Mobile: 027 746 9877