Protecting and Valuing Identify - Primary and Intermediate

An ethical approach to supporting a digital life

A brief overview of the Simulate 2 Educate approach.

Why do we need this education?

The freedom that young people today experience because of the Internet and its related products has raised numerous ethical issues surrounding personal conduct, individual privacy, perception of ownership of personal data, storage of data, third party applicants, dataveilance, employer online background checks, the taking of and ownership of images, storage of personal information, sharing of personal data, cyber bullying, sexual predation, child pornography, identity theft, real world theft and much more.

The Philosophy of the Simulate 2 Educate education

The philosophy within this education is to help the student learn to make informed ethical decisions founded on common decency and reasonable standards of right and wrong.

Family Collaboration

During the delivery of this module parents and caregivers have an important role to play. The student will bring home sets of questions that they will ask parents or caregivers. As the student will have already been introduced to the subject, including the questions and answers during class, the parent or caregiver then becomes the student, listener, debater and teacher when required.

S2e Info-Pack

Included in this module are resources to assist the parent or caregiver when the child brings home questions. The S2e Info-Pack includes answers for each question the child will ask the parent and valuable information to help parents or caregivers in reducing risk for the whole family when using Digital Communication Technologies.

If you feel that you or your School would benefit from the S2E education please feel free to contact John Parsons by submitting your enquiry via the Contact Us page or by using the contact details below.

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