Citizen 21 for Adults and Family

CITIZEN 21 is a first of its kind - cutting edge Internet Health and Safety workshop designed specifically for Adults and Senior Citizens.

SeniorNet Nelson

This cyber safety workshop is being delivered via SeniorNet Nelson SeniorNet are located at Pioneer Park, Hastings Road, Nelson.

Attendees are encouraged through a variety of interactive activities e.g. chat rooms, power point presentations, question and answer series and problem solving sessions, to protect their own identity and look for the risks that exist when using digital communication technology/

Simulate 2 Educate is proud to working with SeniorNet Nelson and its members. The education helps enable adults who use digital communication technology maximize the potential of this exciting communication tool.

Cyber threats to New Zealanders.

70% of New Zealand adults have been the targets of some form of cyber crime, with the most common complaints being computer scams, fraud and viruses/malware.

New Zealanders are frequently the targets of international scams and fraud attempts, losing up to $500 million annually due to scams

The Mission

To help the attendee develop both the understandings and the skills required to use the Internet appropriately in order to reduce the chances for harm to them and their family. To protect hard-won financial and real world assets.

The Delivery

The CITIZEN 21 education is delivered over 2 x 2 hour deliveries, or format to suit.

Main topics covered

  • How to protect online identity
  • Email scams
  • Cold calling
  • Cyber Crime
  • Identity Theft
  • Real-World Theft

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